Email Integration

E-mail has become the default communication mechanism for businesses and integrating with e-mail is a core feature of CompleteProject.
CompleteProject uses a very simple and intuitive mechanism for integrating with e-mail.  Every task and project is given a unique e-mail address.  The format for this unique e-mail address is user.[uniqueId]  Where "user" is the user name you chose when registering for CompleteProject.  Note that the username selected for the unique e-mail address is the username of the user who controls the master root project.  The master root project is the project which does not have a parent project.  Therefore the username used for the unique e-mail address can be used to indicate the account where project information is stored.
CompleteProject uses the unique e-mail address with the "mailto:" protocol.  More information on the mailto protocol can be found on Wikipedia.  This means that you'll need to configure Windows to use a default handler for the mailto protocol.  This is almost always done during the installation of the mail client.
Creating or replying to an email message in CompleteProject is done through your local email client.  Any email conversation can be tracked in CompleteProject by including a special email address among the list of recipients.  This email address can be found in the "Email Tracking ID" field at the bottom of the "Messages" tab.
The "New" and "Reply" buttons are for your convenience and can be used to open your email client.  If you don't have an email client installed, we highly recommend you install one.  Modern email clients are free and easy to setup.  You can even use them to check your online mail accounts like GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo.  See Email Setup for more information.