Email Setup

Most e-mail clients will register themselves as the default mailto handler during the installation process.  If your e-mail client does not do this or if you are having problems using the e-mail buttons within CompleteProject then the following instructions may help.
The Basic Approach
CompleteProject works with e-mail through the use of the mailto handler.  This is a special protocol within Windows which tells the operating system to open the local e-mail client - just as "http" tells the operating system to open a browser. 
What we need to do is set our local e-mail client as the default mailto handler.  As already stated - this is almost always done durring the email client installation.
Instructions for Windows XP Users
Open an Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Internet Program -> Email - and select the default e-mail program you wish to use.
Vista and Windows 7 Users
Click Start and type "Default Programs".  Press return.  You should see a window similar to:
Select the "Associate a file type or protocol" option as highlighted above.  This should bring up a window similar to:
At the bottom of the file to list you should see  the mailto protocol.  Click the the "Change Program" button and follow the instructions to  associate the protocol with your e-mail client of choice.