Welcome to CompleteProject!  After successfully logging into the CompleteProject network you will be directed into the projects tab above.  This is your starting point for working with tasks and projects in CompleteProject.  From here you can view a task or project and modify various settings and properties of your custom projects.  You can also use the navigation tabs at the top to move to different areas of the program.
As a CompleteProject user you will use this application tab probably more than any other so it's important to really understand it well so that you feel comfortable using the program


1. Start
The start button works like the start button you have seen in other Windows-based programs.  The start menu contains the following commands:
  • Feedback - allows you to send us an e-mail and provide input into the future direction of CompleteProject.
  • About - provides information about the current version of CompleteProject.
  • Update License - Allows you to update your CompleteProject license if you have recently upgraded to the Project Manager license.
  • Logout - allows you to logout of the current CompleteProject session. You'll need to login again the next time you start CompleteProject.
  • Exit - closes complete project. All of your data is saved automatically.

Quick Access

2. Quick Access
The quick access toolbar provides a way to quickly access various parts of CompleteProject.  The toolbar contains the following items:
  • View as List - shows your project list without the ribbon and task details.  This is useful when you would like to simplify CompleteProject to focus on a specific task or project.
  • Timer - starts a simple timer application which can be used to time tasks.  Timing tasks is a great way to improve your productivity.  Find out more about the Task Timer.
  • Help - help is context-sensitive where possible and directs you to the appropriate online user documentation.

Application Tabs

3. Application Tabs
The application tabs located at the top of the CompleteProject ribbon can be used to navigate to different areas within the application.  Unlike other Windows-based programs which use a ribbon toolbar CompleteProject does not use the ribbon to hide product functionality.  In CompleteProject the tabs represent separate functional areas.


4. Toolbar
As in most applications the toolbar contains the commands you will need for working with your tasks and projects.  Find out more about the Project Toolbar.

Task Details

5. Task Details
The test details area shows detailed information about the selected task or project.  Notice that information is categorized based on the tabs at the top of the task details area.  Find out more about Task Details.

Project Navigation

6. Project Navigation
The project navigation tree is used to select a task or project you wish to focus on.  Once selected information about the task or project will be shown in the task details area.  Find out more about Project Navigation.

Project Views

7. Project Views
Complete project allows you to navigate through your tasks and projects using three different project views.
  • Projects - is your working team view.  Here you can see all the tasks and projects which are currently assigned to you or that you have delegated to others.  Find out more about the Project View.
  • Task List - shows you your current task list.  Only task which are currently assigned to you will be shown in this view.  Note that the order in which tasks are shown is configurable under application settings.  Find out more about the Task List View.
  • History - contains a list of all the tasks and projects which have been completed.  This allows you to remove completed items from your project list without deleting them.  Find out more about the History View.