Project Toolbar

Project Toolbar
The toolbar contains the commands you will need for working with your tasks and projects in CompleteProject.  Below is a list of all the actions which can be executed from the project toolbar.  Note that some actions are context-sensitive and may appear disabled in certain situations.

Add Task

1. Add Task
The add task command can be used to add a task to the selected project.  Note that a task cannot exist on its own and must have a parent project.  Adding a task is done with the add task form.

Add Project

2. Add Project
The add project command can be used to create a new project. Projects can be thought of as containers for tasks, notes and files.  Adding a project is done with the add project form.


3. Delete
The delete command can be used to delete a task, project or note.  Deleted items cannot be restored.  If you would like to remove an item from your project list but you do not want to delete the item consider completing the item.  Completed items will be moved to your history view.

Add Attachment

4. Add Attachment
Attachments can be added to projects and tasks.  All attachments added in CompleteProject are encrypted and uploaded to a central server.  Only people who have access to a given task or project have the necessary decryption details for the file.  In this way CompleteProject can securely share files among all members of a project team.  Adding an attachment is done with the add link form.

New Email

5. New Email
The new e-mail button can be used to create a new e-mail message which will be sent to the selected project or task.  In this way e-mails are sent to a central location but visible to all team members.  Sending an e-mail is done through your local e-mail client.  Find out more about how complete project works with e-mail.


6. Reminder
Adds a reminder for the selected task or project.  Reminders will be created in the calendar and appear on your task list.  Reminders are created with the set reminder form.

Personal Note

7. Personal Note
Personal Notes are notes which are never shared.  In other words, if you create a personal note and add it to a project and then delegate the project to another team member they will not be able to see the note.  Personal notes are for your eyes only.  Personal notes are created with the add note form.


8. Synchronize
Use the synchronize command to immediately upload your changes to the complete project network.  Also any changes that have been uploaded by other team members since your last synchronization will be downloaded to your project.  You can track the progress of the synchronization by looking at the status bar in the bottom left corner of the application.  Note that this feature is available for paid subscribers only.

Internal Tools

9. Internal Tools
The internal tools command is a drop-down list containing a series of small applications which are available in CompleteProject.  The following internal tools are available:
  • Import Microsoft Project - start the wizard application which can be used to import Microsoft Project XML files.  Find out more about the Microsoft Project Import Wizard.
  • Project Wizard - starts a small application which can be used to quickly create a project with subtasks.  Find out more about the Project Wizard.
  • Task Timer- starts a simple timer application which can be used to time tasks.  Timing tasks is a great way to improve your productivity.  Find out more about the Task Timer.
  • Focus on task list - shows your project list without the ribbon and task details.  This is useful when you would like to simplify CompleteProject to focus on a specific task or project.

External Tools

10. External Tools
The external tools command is a drop-down list containing a series of applications which are available outside of CompleteProject.  The following external tools are available:
  • Calculator - opens your Windows calculator.
  • Send Mail - opens a blank e-mail message using your default mail client.
  • Web Browser - opens your default browser to your home page.


11. Print
Printing from the project tab is an ambiguous operation.  Therefore when you click the print button you will be prompted by a dialog asking you whether you want to print your task list or the currently selected task.  Simply select the item you want print.


12. Settings
Settings can be used to control various aspects of the program.  Find out more about the settings form.


13. Help
Help - help is context-sensitive where possible and directs you to the appropriate online user documentation.