Recurring Task

Recurring Task
If a task occurs more then once - for example a weekly report - you may want to consider making the task a recurring task.


1. Pattern
Recurring tasks can recur on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly basis. After you make your selection you will notice the "Pattern Detail" area immediately to the right of the pattern area update.

Pattern Detail

2. Pattern Detail
The Pattern Details section contains a list of settings for the given pattern. For example, if you select the weekly pattern, the pattern details will contain settings which allow you to specify the number of weeks between recurrences and the days on which the recurrence should occur.
Note this section will change depending on the recurrence pattern selected.


3. Range
The Range section specifies a start and end date for your recurring task. A recurring task can have three types of "End Date".
  • No End Date - the recurring task will continue to recur until you have deleted the task.
  • End After - the task will stop recurring after X occurrences.
  • End By - the task will not recur after this date.


4. Commands
The Recurring Task Window contains three buttons:
  • Ok - save the modified details for the recurrence and close.
  • Cancel - used to close the form without saving changes.
  • Remove Recurrence - removes the recurrence. The task will no longer be recurring.