Select User

Select User
The Select User form is used to find an existing CompleteProject user.  There are two primary ways in which a user can be found.  First you can find the user that your local machine already knows about - for example a user that you have previously delegated a task to.  In this case you would use the "My Teams" tab shown above.  Alternatively you could find a CompleteProject user who is not currently part of your existing team.  This is done through the "User Lookup" tab which is discussed in the next section.
The rest of this help topic of focus on the "My Team" tab.


1. Navigation
The tab navigation at the top of the select user form can be used to navigate across the different methods of looking up a user.

Search Criteria

2. Search Criteria
The user search box of the "My Teams" tab is used to find a user from the list of locally known users.  Simply type in the user's name or e-mail address.  From the moment you press the first character you should see a list of users.  Subsequent characters narrow down the list of users.

Search Results

3. Search Results
The search results list box will show the result of the search entered in the search criteria.

Form Commands

4. Form Commands
The Select User form has two commands - Ok and Cancel.  The cancel button will close like user form without any action.  The "Ok" button will set the currently selected user as the user to be returned to the calling application.