Import Project

Import Project
The "Microsoft Project Import Wizard" is used to import a Microsoft Project file into CompleteProject.  Note that this wizard requires your Microsoft Project document to be in an XML format.  To convert your project into the correct  XML format, you must open your Microsoft Project File and select File -> Save As.  A dialog box will appear.  At the bottom of this dialog box, you will see a drop-down called "Save as Type".  Select "Xml Format (*.xml)" and save the project.  You are now ready to begin the import wizard.


1. Help
The help command will create a new web browser session and direct it to this help page.

Path to Project XML File

2. Path to Project XML File
Enter the full path to the XML file which represents your Microsoft Project document.  Use the browse button to view a file browser window which can be helpful for finding the appropriate file.

Hierarchy Placement

3. Hierarchy Placement
The Hierarchy Placement section can be use to specify how the newly created project fits in with your existing project hierarchy.  Two options are available:
  • New Project - creates the new project as a master root project.  The newly created project will not have a parent project.
  • Sub-Project - creates the new project as a subproject of the project which was selected when the Microsoft Project Import Wizard was opened.

Command Buttons

4. Command Buttons
The command buttons are used to control the import process.  After you have entered the necessary information above, click Next.  The project will then be imported.  After the project is successfully imported, the next button will change to an "Ok" button.  The Ok button will then close the window.
Cancel the process at any time by clicking on the Cancel button.