Project Wizard

Project Wizard
The Project Wizard can be used to quickly create a new project with subtasks.  This form is used for convenience only.  This form is helpful when you want to quickly create a project with well known tasks, or you want to brainstorm tasks which are necessary for a given project.

Parent Project

1. Parent Project
Select the parent project for the new project you are creating.  If the project you are creating should not have a parent project, select "Root".

Project Name

2. Project Name
Use the Project Name field to enter a brief description of the project you are creating.


3. Tasks
Use the task section to enter a series of task descriptions.  Task descriptions should be seperated by a return.


4. Help
The help command will create a new web browser session and direct it to this help page.

Command Buttons

5. Command Buttons
The Project Wizard supports two commands.
  • Ok - the Ok button will create the project with the tasks defined in the configuration above.
  • Cancel - the cancel button will close the Project Wizard.  No changes will be made.