Messaging is a very important part of  CompleteProject.  Please see e-mail integration for more information.
The messages tab contains a list of all messages sent to the currently selected task or project.  That is - all messages sent to the e-mail address shown at the bottom of the messages tab.

Command Bar

1. Command Bar
The command bar contains six commands which are helpful when working with task or project messages.  The command bar contains the following commands:
  • New - uses a local e-mail client to create a new message which will be sent to the e-mail tracking ID shown.  For more information see Email Integration.
  • Reply - Replies to the selected message using your local e-mail client.  For more information see Email Integration.
  • Import - converts the selected message into a task using the e-mail import form.
  • Delete - permanently deletes the selected message.
  • Print - prints the selected message.
  • Check All - marks all messages as read.  Under normal conditions an item will be marked as read if it is selected and maintains focus for more than 5 seconds.

Message List

2. Message List
Shows a list of all e-mail messages received by the currently selected project or task.  Items in the messages list are grouped according to the date they were received.


3. Message
The message details view is used to display the given e-mail message.  It contains all the properties you would normally expect to see in an e-mail message - To, From, CC, Subject and message body.

Email Address

4. Email Address
The e-mail tracking ID is an e-mail address that is specific to the given project or task.  This e-mail address can be used to send messages directly to this project or task.

Tracking Controls

5. Tracking Controls
The tracking controls are extra actions that you can do with the e-mail tracking ID.  There are currently four additional actions.
  • Copy - copies the e-mail tracking ID to the Windows clipboard.
  • Alias - creates an alias address for the given e-mail address.  This is useful when you want a more memorable e-mail address.  Aliases are set using the e-mail alias form.
  • Action - configures an action to be executed when an e-mail is received at this address.  The action is configured using the e-mail action form.
  • Help - opens a browser and shows this help page.