Import Email

Import Email
The import e-mail form is used to convert an e-mail message into a new task or project.

Import Settings

1. Import Settings
The import settings defines how the e-mail message should be imported into CompleteProject. The following properties are available for configuration:
  • Description - the description field will be used as a description for the new item. The default value for this field is the message subject.
  • Import As - this field allows you to select how the e-mail message should be imported. Three options are available: a new task, a new project, and a new subproject.
  • Save Attachments To - In order for e-mail attachments to be imported into CompleteProject they must first be saved to the local file system. In this field you can enter the directory where the attachment should be saved. Note that this field will be disabled if the message does not have attachments.

Parent Project

2. Parent Project
The parent project list allows you to choose a parent project for the object being created. The list displays all projects and subprojects in your CompleteProject view.


3. Help
The help command will create a new web browser session and direct it to this help page.

Command Buttons

4. Command Buttons
The import e-mail form supports two commands:
  • Create - creates a new task or project using the settings defined above.
  • Cancel - closes the import e-mail form without adding the new task or project.