Email Action

Email Action
The e-mail action form can be used to take an action when an e-mail is received on a designated project or task. Possible actions include:
  • Showing a pop-up notification window.
  • Saving the e-mail message to the file system.
  • Executing a program with the full path to the e-mail as an argument.
    Note that all actions could potentially be executed from a single incoming e-mail message.

    Show Notification

    1. Show Notification
    Use the show notification window checkbox if you wish to show a notification when an e-mail is received for the current task or project. No further configuration is necessary.  Note that CompleteProject must be running in order to show the notification window.

    Save Email

    2. Save Email
    If you would like to save an incoming e-mail to your local file system check the save e-mail checkbox. The following configuration fields will also need to be populated:
    • Save Directory - the local directory where you would like to save incoming e-mail messages.
    • Save As - select the e-mail message format you would like to use when saving an e-mail message to the local file system. The following options are available:  MIME encoding (industry standard), XML with attachments embedded as base64, or XML with attachments saved to the file system.

    Execute Program

    3. Execute Program
    If you would like to execute a program when an incoming e-mail message is received check the "execute a program" checkbox.  The following configuration fields may also need to be populated:
    • Path to program (Required) - the full path to the executable program which you would like to run when an e-mail is received.
    • Program arguements (Optional) - the additional arguments would like to use when executing the defined program.  Note that the full path to the email recieved will be automatically passed as a final arguement.


    4. Help
    The help command will create a new web browser session and direct it to this help page.

    Command Buttons

    5. Command Buttons
    The e-mail action form supports two commands:
    • Create - creates the new email action using the settings defined above.
    • Cancel - closes the e-mail action form without creating the new e-mail action.