The activity tab shows all of the activity that has occurred on the selected project or task.  Note that all activities and activity descriptions are generated automatically based on user activity.  No user interaction is required.

Date Grouping

1. Date Grouping
All item activities are grouped by the day in which they occurred.  Use the expand button next to the group to expand or collapse a given group.


2. Activity
The activity details shows the time but the activity occurred along with a brief description of the activity.  Note that activity descriptions are generated automatically.

Activity Message

3. Activity Message
If you double-click on an activity the activity message window will open.  You can use the activity message window to create a note and associate the note with the given activity.  If an item in the activity grid contains a note you will see the icon shown here.


4. Actor
The actor is the person who performed the given activity.  You can click on the actor's name to show their user details.