The properties tab is this visible for projects only.  This tab shows project permissions and can be used to add read-only permissions on a given project.  Write permissions can only be assigned through task delegation.  The properties tab also shows summary information for the selected project.

Permitted Users

1. Permitted Users
The permitted users list box shows a list of all users who currently have read permission or better on the currently selected project.  Note that the permitted users list box may not show users who have access because they have access to a parent project.

Permissions Controls

2. Permissions Controls
The permissions controls are used to modify permissions.  The following commands are available.
  • Add - grants read permission to a given user.  The user will be selected with the select user form.
  • Remove - removes the permissions granted to the currently selected user.  The selected user will no longer have permissions on this project unless the user has permissions on the parent project.
  • Show User - displays the user information for the currently selected user using the user details form.

Summary Information

3. Summary Information
The project summary information is broken into three categories which can be seen above.
  • Summary - shows basic summary information for the given project.
  • Task Priorities - shows summary information about the task priorities of the selected project and its sub projects and tasks.
  • File Summary - shows summary information about the attachments contained in the selected project and its subprojects and tasks.