Project Navigation

Project Navigation
The project navigation view is used to select and navigate through your projects and tasks.  Note that the projects view shows tasks and projects assigned to you as well as those which are delegated to others - so not everything in the project navigation view is currently assigned to you.

Project Hierarchy

1. Project Hierarchy
The project hierarchy shows your current projects and tasks.  Use the hierarchy to navigate through your projects.  Selecting an item will show the details in the task details view.

Item with Notes

2. Item with Notes
Notice the different icons used to represent tasks.  One icon contains a little yellow note - the other does not.  This note is used to indicate that the given task has detailed notes.

Information Icons

3. Information Icons
The information icons are used to quickly and visually display information about the given task or project.  Three separate icons are used:
  • A diamond - diamond icon is used to convey the priority of a given item.  The priority can be determined based on the color of the diamond.  Gray means no priority, blue means low priority, green means medium priority, yellow means high priority, and red means critical priority.
  • An email message - an e-mail icon is used to indicate that a given item has messages.
  • A paper clip (not shown) - the paperclip icon is used to indicate that a given item has attachments.

View Navigation

4. View Navigation
View navigation can be used to view your tasks and projects in a different context.  More information can be found in the following help sections.