The schedule view shows the Gantt chart for the selected projects and tasks. Note that, except for predecessor information, the Gantt chart is automatically generated based on project start and end dates. Also note the Gantt chart may be incomplete in that the given user may not have access to a relevant parent project. In the above example the "Annual Report Preperation" project may in fact be a subproject of another project. Unless the current user has access to the parent project it will not be shown.

Schedule Toolbar

1. Schedule Toolbar
Schedule toolbar is used for working with the schedule / Gantt chart. For more information please see the schedule toolbar.

Project List

2. Project List
The Project List section shows your current projects and tasks much like the project view. The Project List is in fact a grid containing a series of information about the given task or project. This information includes a brief description,, predecessor information, start date and end date. Together these four pieces of information are used to create the Gantt chart on the right. The start date and end date may be set in other places in the program but the predecessor column can only be set in the project list.
The number used in the predecessor column corresponds to the row number of the given project or task shown to the far left of the project list. Note that an item can contain multiple predecessors.  In this case the predecessor should be separated by commas.

Gantt Chart

3. Gantt Chart
A Gantt chart is a useful way of viewing projects and dependencies.  The Gantt chart in CompleteProject can only be mollified indirectly by modifying the various properties on the project list to the left of the Gantt chart.  Find out more about Gantt charts.