Calendar Toolbar

Calendar Toolbar
The calendar toolbar is used to add calendar items and navigate your calendar. The following commands are supported.

New Appointment

1. New Appointment
The add appointment command can be used to add a new appointment to your calendar. For more information please see the add appointment form.

Go To Date

2. Go To Date
The Go to Date command can be used to navigate to a specific date in the calendar.

Go To Today

3. Go To Today
The Go to Today command can be used to navigate today's date in the calendar.

Time Interval

4. Time Interval
The time interval command can be used to change the time interval used on the time ruler.

Change View

5. Change View
The CompleteProject calendar is capable of displaying your appointments using five different views:
  • Day View - Shows your appointments for a given day (as shown above).
  • Work Week View - Shows your calendar for the next five business days.
  • Week View - Shows your calendar for the next week.
  • Month View - Shows your calendar for the next month.
  • Timeline View - shows your calendar items as a sequential series of days.
All five of these views are available by selecting the appropriate drop-down item from the change view toolbar item.


6. Print
The print button can be used to print your calendar using the selected view.


7. Settings
Settings can be used to control various aspects of the program.  Find out more about the settings form.


8. Help
Help - help is context-sensitive where possible and directs you to the appropriate online user documentation.