Add Appointment

Add Appointment
The Appointment Window is used to add a new appointment or reminder. Note that appointments and reminders use the same window. To set a reminder, make sure you check the "Reminder" checkbox.


1. Subject
The subject of the appointment. This is a quick description of the appointment or reminder.


2. Location
Where the appointment is scheduled to occur.


3. Time
The start and end time of the appointment.

Time Indicator

4. Time Indicator
This field is used to set a visual indicator of how the time should be marked. You can see the indicator on the left side of the appointment once the appointment has been added.

Command Buttons

5. Command Buttons
The Appointment Window contains 4 buttons:
  • OK - used to save changes made to the appointment.
  • Cancel - used to close the form without saving changes.
  • Delete - used to delete an existing appointment. Note the button is disabled in the screen capture above. This is because the appointment is being created and does not exist yet.
  • Recurrence - this button can be used to show the Recurrence Form. The Recurrence Form can be used to setup a recurring event or appointment.


6. Label
The "Label" field is used to indicate what type of event is being created. This field is very important for CompleteProject because it is used for reporting purposes to tell you how your appointments are scheduled by category.


7. Resource
The resource associated with the appointment. Currently, this feature can only be set to "Any".


8. Reminder
The reminder feature is used to set a reminder. When this property is set, you will be reminded with a message window before your appointment begins. Once you have checked the "Reminder" box, the drop down list to the right of the box will be enabled. This box can be used to set when you want to be reminded (for example, 15 minutes before the meeting).
NOTE: CompleteProject must be running for you to receive reminders. Generally, CompleteProject will be running unless you actively shut it down by right clicking on the notification icon in the notification area and selecting "Exit".


The notes area can be used to add any notes about the appointment.