The Reports Window can be used to find out more information about how you spend your time. Currently, eight reports are supported:
  • None - clears the selected report from the report tab. No report will be shown
  • All Tasks - shows all available tasks in a grid. This report does not have a graph.
  • Tasks in Tree View - shows all available tasks and projects in a tree view. This report does note have a graph.
  • Task Completion By Time - Shows how long it takes you to complete your tasks. (For example 60% of your tasks are completed in one day.)
  • Outstanding Tasks by Age - Shows how old your outstanding tasks are. (For example 5% are between 3 months and 6 months old.)
  • Program Usage - Shows which programs you have been using. (For example you may use Internet Explorer 32% of the time you were on your computer.)
  • Appointments by Category - Shows how your appointment time is spent. (For example 87% of your appointments are business related.)
  • Hours Working at Computer - Shows the amount of time spent per day working at your computer. Note that screen savers are ignored in this calculation.
    All reports are considered personal and are never shared with other CompleteProject users.

Report Toolbar

1. Report Toolbar
The report toolbar is used to navigate your reports and focus on specific data sets. For more information please see the report toolbar documentation.

Report Graph

2. Report Graph
The report graphing feature is used to show a graphical representation of the data contained in the grid below. Note that not all reports will contain graphs.

Report Data

3. Report Data
The report data section contains the low-level detail for the selected report in the selected date range. Report data can be exported using the export command from the report toolbar.