Report Toolbar

Report Toolbar
The report toolbar is used to navigate your reports and focus on specific data sets. The following commands are supported.

Report Selection

1. Report Selection
Use the report selection drop-down box to select the report you would like to view. The following reports are available:
  • None - clears the selected report from the report tab. No report will be shown
  • All Tasks - shows all available tasks in a grid. This report does not have a graph.
  • Tasks in Tree View - shows all available tasks and projects in a tree view. This report does have a graph.
  • Task Completion By Time - Shows how long it takes you to complete your tasks. (For example 60% of your tasks are completed in one day.)
  • Outstanding Tasks by Age - Shows how old your outstanding tasks are. (For example 5% are between 3 months and 6 months old.)
  • Program Usage - Shows which programs you have been using. (For example you may use Internet Explorer 32% of the time you were on your computer.)
  • Appointments by Category - Shows how your appointment time is spent. (For example 87% of your appointments are business related.)
  • Hours Working at Computer - Shows the amount of time spent per day working at your computer. Note that screen savers are ignored in this calculation.
All reports are considered personal are never shared with other CompleteProject users.

Date Range

2. Date Range
The date range section of the report to our allows you to narrow down the selected report by a given date range. By default the selected report will show all available data.
The date range area consists of three controls: Date Range, From and To.  The date range drop down box contains a list of all months in the calendar year and two special selections: All Available Data and Custom.  Select the custom field to enable the from and to controls and supply a custom date range.

Hide Buttons

3. Hide Buttons
The hide buttons can be used to hide various aspects of the report. The hide chart button can be used to hide the charts. The hide data button can be used to hide the data.


4. Export
The export control can be used to export the selected report data. The following export options are available: Excel, Html, Xml and Text.  Note that the text export command exports to tab separated list.


5. Settings
Settings can be used to control various aspects of the program.  Find out more about the settings form.


6. Help
Help - help is context-sensitive where possible and directs you to the appropriate online user documentation.