The search tab allows you to instantly search through your projects, tasks and attachments.  Note that attachments do not have to exist locally in order to be searched. When an attachment has not yet been downloaded, CompleteProject can automatically download the index for the attachment allowing it to become searchable. This process happens without any user interaction.
Search results are divided into two columns: tasks and attachments.

Search Toolbar

1. Search Toolbar
The search toolbar can be used to help you enter search criteria and apply a search filter. For more information please see the search toolbar documentation.

Search Result Heading

2. Search Result Heading
The search result headings allow you to quickly see what category search results belong to. Search results will belong to either a tasks or attachments category. You can double-click the search result heading to cause it to occupy more screen space. Double-click the heading again to decrease the amount of screen space. This action can also be achieved by clicking the magnifying glass in the right corner of the search result heading.

Search Results

3. Search Results
The search results area is where the results of your completed search are displayed.