General Settings

General Settings
The general settings view is used to set basic application settings.

Application Settings

1. Application Settings
The application settings section contains the following configuration options:
  • Close Action - when the application close button is pressed one of two actions can be taken.  First, the application can be closed.  Second, the application could be minimized to the notification area.  Minimizing the application is helpful if you would like notifications to be displayed.
  • Application Skin -  an application skin can be chosen to change the look and feel of CompleteProject.
  • Show Toolbar Minimized - this check box can be used to determine whether or not the application toolbar should be minimized. This setting is recommended for advanced users.  For beginners, this setting can make it difficult to determine what application commands are available.
  • Invitation Notification - this check box can be used to determine whether a pop-up notification should be displayed when a new invitation is received. Note that pop-up notifications can only be displayed if CompleteProject is running.

Timer Settings

2. Timer Settings
The timer settings section allows you to configure various aspects of the task timer. The following aspects of a task timer can be configured:
Show on Top - determines whether or not the clock should be shown on top of all other application windows. This option is helpful if you want to keep a close eye on your timer.
Show clock - determines whether or not a clock should be displayed when the timer is not in use. If displayed the clock which of the current system time.
Use 24 hour - Determines whether the clock displayed is a 24-hour clock (military time).

Attachment Directory

3. Attachment Directory
The attachment directory section can be used to choose a default attachment directory. This will be the directory which is selected when you open the save attachment window.