Task Grouping

Task Grouping
The task grouping view allows you to set criteria and ordering by which your task list should be grouped. The groups available for task grouping are determined either by preset values such as dates in the future or by the values you set in the task settings view.
Tasks are placed into a group on a first match basis.  For example, if you have a critical priority task which is due tomorrow it can be placed in either the "Critical Group" or the "Tomorrow Group" - but not both.  Placement will depend on the order chosen on this settings page.

Unused Groups

1. Unused Groups
The Unused Group section is used to list all of the groups by which tasks could be grouped but are not currently in use.

Group Transfer

2. Group Transfer
The group transfer controls can be used to transfer categorization groups to and from the current groups list.

Current Groups

3. Current Groups
The Current Groups list shows the categorization groups which are currently in use. The ordering of this list is very important. Items at the top of the list have priority when grouping tasks. The ordering of the list can be changed by using the ordering commands discussed below.


4. Ordering
The ordering commands can be used to change the ordering of the current groups list. Items which are closer to the top of the current groups list will have priority over items which are closer to the bottom. Priority is important as it determines how tasks will be categorized in your task list.