Calendar Settings

Calendar Settings
The calendar settings control can be used to set various defaults for your calendar.

Default Views

1. Default Views
The default view section can be used to set a default calendar view such as "Month View" or a default interval for the time ruler. For more information please see the calendar documentation.

Work Days

2. Work Days
The workdays setting lists a series of check boxes which can be used to indicate workdays versus nonwork days. If a day is checked it is considered to be a workday.
Workdays are very important for CompleteProject as they affect three different areas of the program. First, workdays are displayed differently from non-workdays in the calendar. Second, nonwork days will be clearly displayed in the Gantt chart. Finally, when setting a task due date nonwork days will be ignored and you will be prompted to confirm if you attempt to set a due date on a nonwork day.


3. Sounds
The sound section can be used to select a sound which should be played when a calendar reminder is triggered.