Holiday Settings

Holiday Settings
The holiday settings view can be used to inform CompleteProject of upcoming holidays. For most countries the holiday list will be automatically populated when CompleteProject is run for the first time.
Holidays are very important for CompleteProject as they affect three different areas of the program. First, holidays are displayed differently from workdays in the calendar. Second, nonwork days will be clearly displayed in the Gantt chart. Finally, when setting a task due date nonwork days will be ignored and you will be prompted to confirm if you attempt to set a due date on a nonwork day.

Add New Holiday

1. Add New Holiday
The add new holiday commands can be used to create a new holiday.  Simply select a date press the add button. You will be prompted to optionally enter a description for the holiday.

Import List

2. Import List
The import holiday list feature can be used to import a previously exported list of holidays.

Export List

3. Export List
The export holiday list command can be used to export the current holiday list. This holiday list can then be shared amongst team members by using the import holiday list command.

Holiday List

4. Holiday List
The holiday list shows all holidays which CompleteProject is currently aware of. Use the add new holiday command to add additional holidays.

Remove Holiday

5. Remove Holiday
The remove holiday command can be used to remove the selected holiday from the holiday list.